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Many people in the community assume that Aldersgate possesses all of the financial resources that we need to continue operating at our very high level of care. In actuality, Aldersgate is directly impacted by the escalating spiral of construction, increasing government regulations, housing, equipment, labor, utilities, and food costs

Although user fees cover most of the expense of consumable items, other costs-- including infrastructure care, remodeling and improvement--exceed what fees can cover.

We believe that God’s people are instruments of His financial plan for His ministries at Aldersgate. Every building improvement, program enhancement, equipment replacement, or cabin remodel has the same purpose—to impact lives for Jesus Christ.

For those of you who financially contribute to the ministries of Aldersgate, we extend our heartfelt thanks. For those of you interested in partnering with an organization that helps spread the clear and loving message of the Gospel, please call us. We would very much like to share a number of financial investment or volunteer opportunities that match your stewardship goals. And most importantly, thank you for your prayers.

If you have any questions, please contact Aldersgate at 503-743-2494.